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Places to bring your pup

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Sooo I really want a dog. Boise is a very dog-friendly city. I started dreaming up all of the places I will take my future dog and now I've got this fun little list to share.

In short: you can bring your dog to a lot of places, but this list contains the extra dog-friendly places. Like the places that have treats and dog menus and dogs on staff.

Please let me know your favorite places to bring your pup & I'll update this list -->

Coffee shops

Push & Pour

πŸ“13 S Latah St, Boise Bench

πŸ“214 E 34th Street, Garden City

πŸ“501 S Ash St, Boise

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Why dogs love it: Pups are welcome inside and on the patio (all three locations have good patios) and they have lil dog treats on the counter. P&P has good coffee drinks, avocado toast, bfast burritos & sammys, bagels, plus beer & wine. The other day I was at P&P on Latah and saw a dog that looked exactly like David Bowie in the Labyrinth lol amazing.


πŸ“β€‹1612 N 13th St, North End Boise

πŸ“223 N 6th Suite 110, Downtown Boise

More info:

Why dogs love it: Pups are welcome on the patio and both locations have a great patio. Lots of coffee and tea options and they serve yummy breakfast and lunch plates.


πŸ“117 S 10th St, Boise

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Why dogs love it: Pups allowed inside! Coffee is roasted on-site and they have yummy treats like handpies, parfaits, cookies, and afternoon snacks like housemade pretzels and draft beer. Also lovely morning sunshine and outlets at every table - yeah!

Viking Coffee

πŸ“Green Acres Food Truck Park, 1401 Shoreline Dr, Boise

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Why dogs love it: Viking Coffee is a little walk-up coffee cart located within Green Acres Food Truck Park right off the Greenbelt. They have speciality coffee drinks and small Scandinavian treats. Dogs love it because it's outside, there's lots of room to play, and it's very easy to access the Greenbelt and river.

Bars & Breweries

In short: Boise's brewery scene is very dog-friendly. It seems like you can take your dog to pretty much all of them, but here are some that have the "please bring your dog" vibe.

Hops & Bottles

πŸ“1420 W Grove St, Downtown Boise

More info:

Why dogs love it: Dogs are always allowed inside & on the patio. In fact, Hops & Bottles is β€œco-owned” by two darling pups named Barley and Louie! The beer bar & bottle shop has over 300 beers, ciders, and seltzers to choose from! Also very popular and fun bingo on Wednesdays.

Lost Grove Brewing

πŸ“1026 S La Pointe St, Boise

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Why dogs love it: Dogs allowed inside and on the lovely patio! Lost Grove has beer, wine, and cider on tap, can cocktails, NA bevs, and amazing pizza, salad, and apps. They also have a ton of fun events and they have this funky little vending machine with a bunch of random stuff in it that I just love.

Payette Brewing

πŸ“733 S Pioneer St, Boise

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Why dogs love it: Soo much space! Payette has a huge patio/beer garden with shade, yard games, and plenty of space for dogs to play or chill. They also have a really good resident food truck.

White Dog Brewing

πŸ“705 W Fulton St, Boise

More info:​

Why dogs love it: Obviously, a brewery with dog in the name has to be dog friendly! Dogs are welcome inside and on the patio. And, fun fact, all of White Dog's beer labels are inspired by a real dog & their owner. Cuteee.

Mother Earth Brewing

πŸ“406 S 3rd St, Boise

πŸ“1428 Madison, Ave, Nampa

More info:​

Why dogs love it: Mother Earth is very dog friendly at both the downtown Boise taproom and Nampa brewery. Dogs are allowed inside and on the big patio. Lots of options for beer, not beer, and non-alcohol bevs. No food served but they often have food truck nights and live music!

Meriwether Cider

πŸ“224 N. 9th St, Downtown Boise

πŸ“5242 Chinden Blvd, Garden City

More info:​

Why dogs love it: Pups allowed inside and outside at the Chinden taproom and allowed on the patio at the downtown Tap House. Meriwether loves dogs so much that not only do they allow them, they have a whole Instagram account dedicated to dogs that visit!

Telaya Wine Co

πŸ“240 E 32nd St, Garden City

More info:​

Why dogs love it: Located right off the Greenbelt in Garden City, Telaya is super dog-friendly and has a big huge fenced patio & yard for your pup to enjoy. They even have a few dogs on staff.

The Symposium

πŸ“2801 W Fletcher St, Boise

Why dogs love it: This is a little dive bar where dogs are allowed inside! It's a lil crusty but that's why we love dive bars, right? Also super close to the Greenbelt!


Tupelo Honey

πŸ“150 N 8th St #200, Downtown Boise

More info:​

Why dogs love it: Dogs are allowed on the patio at Tupelo Honey's downtown Boise location and they also have their very own menu! Tupelo Honey has a pet menu with treats like chicken and rice, bacon, and biscuits, so you can quite literally go out to dinner with your pup. So cute.

The Local

πŸ“5616 W State Street, Boise

More info:​

Why dogs love it: The Local has a super nice, shady, dog-friendly patio, and they have a dog menu and cute little dog treats. They also have a full menu, beer, and wine for humans.

Highlands Hollow

πŸ“2455 Harrison Hollow Lane, Boise

More info:​

Why dogs love it: Located super close to several trails, Highlands Hollow is an awesome post-hike/ride spot for really good food and a cold beer. It's Boise's oldest microbrewery! They have an awesome patio where dogs are allowed. Highlands Hollow also used to do a beer and dog festival called Barc n' Brew, but I don't think it's returned since covid. Maybe this year :)

The Lift

πŸ“4091 W State St, Boise

More info:​

Why dogs love it: Amazing covered patio where dogs are welcome. The Lift is kiiinda dive bar-ish but they have really good food. A good place to watch football with your dog.

Parks & places to swim

Morris Hill Dog Park

πŸ“10 N Roosevelt St, Boise Bench

Why dogs love it: It's fenced and has an obstacle course! Also has a doggy drinking fountain and a separate area for small dogs.

Together Treasure Valley Dog Island

πŸ“SW corner of Ann Morrison Park, 1000 S Americana Blvd, Boise

Why dogs love it: It's huge! The 5.4-acre park has lots of open space to swim, run, and play, and there is also a shy dog area.

Manitou Park

πŸ“2001 S Manitou Ave, Boise

Why dogs love it: Manitou Park has a big field where dogs are allowed off leash. It's not fenced and there are other areas of the park like a basketball court, pickle ball courts, and playground.

Bowler Dog Off-Leash Park

πŸ“4403 S Surprise Way, Boise

Why dogs love it: 1.25 acre fenced off-leash dog area with a water station, shelter and shy dog area.

Castle Hills Park Dog Off-Leash Area

πŸ“5350 N Eugene St, Boise

Why dogs love it: 2.2-acre dog area. Dogs can be off leash from sunrise to 10am, and 4pm to sunset. During the day they have to be on leash.

Military Reserve Dog Off-Leash Park

πŸ“N Mountain Cove Rd, Boise

Why dogs love it: The best place to let loose before or after a hike! The new-ish dog park at the Military Reserve is fenced and has lots of room to run. There are also a lot of hiking trails from here, but most are on-leash.

Mariposa Park Dog Off-Leash Park

πŸ“9851 W Irving St, Boise

Why dogs love it: Fenced dog park area with a few trees and lots of room to run!

Molenaar Dog Off-Leash Park

πŸ“2815 S. Maple Grove Rd

Why dogs love it: The one-acre fenced dog park has really nice grass, trees, and a doggie water fountain.

Storey Bark Park

πŸ“430 E Watertower Lane, Meridian

Why dogs love it: A 2.25-acre fenced dog park with lots of play room and obstacles for you pup. There is a big dog and small dog area, as well as a place to shy dogs.

Where is your favorite place to take your dog?

Thanks for reading!

With love from Boise,



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